Tiny Joys aims to make its topics accessible to all kinds of people. Features include:

  • Wellness (Mental Health, Self-Care, Yoga, & Meditation)
  • Parenting (Pregnancy, Budgeting, Arts, & Early Education)
  • Nutrition (Meal-Prep, Food Shopping, Gardening, as well as Vegetarian, Pescatarian, & Omnivorous Recipes) 

Often blogs seem to reflect the supposed perfect life of the blogger and require a giant budget, kitchen, or support system to emulate. Tiny Joys intends to present a down-to-earth approach to its topics, peppered with theĀ  occasional cultural reviews and news for those with sci-fi/ fantasy/ gamer sensibilities like my own.

Tiny Joys Wellness Parenting & Nutrition can meet you where you are, be it economically, socially, or in terms of lifestyle, by centering on non-judgemental, and research-based information that considers personal tastes and financial constraints.

As nice as it may seem to “balance your moon and sun energies” through a yogic breathing technique, it is a hard to access kind of concept, and I seek to offer language that doesn’t alienate beginners or those who prefer a more scientific approach. On the other hand, there is always room for different modalities, and Tiny Joys uses a voice that strays away from harsh judgement toward anything but true misinformation.

As in my own life, I will not recommend the most expensive brand of vitamin, for instance, unless I truly believe it is worth the cost/ cannot be adequately substituted. On the other hand, if I find a homemade inflammation tonic that works well for me, I will likely recommend it over a store-bought brand, but not at the expense of function or safety. Budget will always be a carefully considered factor in any recommendation presented here.

I intend to provide healthy strategies that do not paint choices as binary “good” and “bad”, instead accounting for personal freedoms and preferences of individual readers. With these considerations in mind, the bottom line in wellness is always chemistry, anatomy, and psychology- three things that will never take a back seat on this blog. Parenting advice will always come with the caveat that all families are different, and that cultural differences are always a valid consideration. Nutrition will never present a guilt-based call to a vegetarian diet, for instance, instead just providing facts and stances from various points of view so the reader themself may decide what fits their life.

Happy reading, and feel free to reach out on social media! Stay well, and find your joys!